It’s not too late to beat the Universal Analytics sunset

Transition from UA to GA4 NOW

Fast-track Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 transition, right on time 

Still seeing the annoying message when you log into Google Analytics?

Even though you thought you had it sorted out already…

Universal Analytics sunset deadline countdown clock for Google Analytics 4 migration
Downloaded the guides? Watched the tutorials? Complained in a forum or Twitter?  Somehow, the annoying messages & countdown clock keeps popping up.

Worst of all –> If you don’t go through the setup procedure right, Google will make decisions for you. That always goes over well. 🙄 

But what if you didn’t have to figure it all out on your own?

What if there was a way to sail through this transition smoothly, without disruptions, without losing data & without learning to speak ‘Google-ese’ overnight?

I know exactly how annoying that countdown message is.

I was hoping Google would just delay again or make it easier with enough grumbling.

I wanted a solution to take away the headache. But it didn’t exist… so I created it.

Image of Google Analytics icon on a mobile phone and a calendar date of July 1 for the UA sunset deadline

Introducing your seamless switch solution

Last-Minute Lifesaver: UA to GA4 Transition Service

Your key to uninterrupted site analytics.

Let me handle the tech BEFORE the full sunset.

Services Includes:

Set up of property & data collection (custom to your site’s current setup)

Setup of data collection for site

Activate & Link Google partner services (like Ads)

Map custom events

Basic goals & conversions migrations

Migrate custom audiences

UA to GA4 Transition Service NOW!

Renee is a lifesaver! I‘m fairly savvy, having run websites since 2013. Even so, the email flood about the GA4 switchover was overwhelming. I tried setting things up myself, and thought I did a great job. Boy am I glad I reached out to Renee! Even though I followed the directions in the emails, I‘d set things up wrong. Renee‘s guidance was the key to navigating the GA4 migration smoothly and efficiently. Now, my GA4 account is set up right, data is flowing, I‘m seeing how GA4 data is far more robust than UA ever was, and I can focus on my business. Renee deserves all the stars. Save yourself the time and effort of a DIY-data-gone-wrong. Work with Renee!

Kimberly Starr

Protean Enterprises

How the Transition Works:

Quick Questionnaire

Brief set of questions to kick off the process ASAP

Your Email

You’ll receive an invoice,  a confidentiality agreement (NDA), and access instructions.


Your set-up happens while you handle your priorities.


I’ll pass on the documentation, a video to remove my access & bonus material for a GA4 intro.


A ‘Getting Started with GA4’ guide to get you up to speed quick (delivery by 6/30)

GA4 Cheat Sheet. It’s definitely not what you’re used to!

30-Day Email Support

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to my historical data?

Universal Analytics does not feed into your Google Analytics 4. They are completely separate, but by getting GA4 installed, you’ll start collecting a history.

Can you transfer my UA history to GA4?

Unfortunately, no. While it may not feel like it now, Google did some work to make GA4 more robust. The down-side is that the data is not a 1 for 1 copy/paste like you’d think. 

But let’s get you migrated & then we can talk about those possibilities for your site when you’re ready.

What kind of access will you need to my Google Analytics account?

We will need ‘Edit’ level access to your Google Analytics account. This allows us to create properties, view settings, manage users, and implement the necessary changes for the transition. Rest assured, we treat your account with utmost respect and privacy.

We’ll share the process to grant & revoke access to make this simple. You’ll also have a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for additional peace-of-mind.

How long does the process take?

The transition process typically takes between 24 to 48 hours, depending on the complexity of your current setup. 

What is an NDA, & what's it for?

An NDA is a non-disclosure agreement meant to provide legal confidentiality. Some site owners are concerned about sharing site details of this nature, and this is an avenue for documented protection of your site and analytics.

What will happen if I don't make the transition from UA to GA4?

Universal Analytics STOPS collecting traffic  7/1/23. Period. You’ll lose the ability to see how your site is performing.

How does the Last-Minute Lifesaver: UA to GA4 Transition Service work?

First, you’ll answer a questionnaire with enough detail for me to get you a Non-Dislcosure agreement & for me to start thinking about your transition along with an invoice through email.

Once processed, you’ll receive instructions to grant access to your Analytics account. Then I’ll work on your migration. All changes will be documented, so you can have a record of what steps were taken on your site.

Once I know data is flowing as expected across all of the nuances of your site, I’ll send over that documentation with a link on how to remove my access (just a reverse process of granting access).

Can I see UA data in GA4?

Unfortunately, no. Google made some changes to how it collects and stores information in a way that made the 2 systems out of alignment just enough to make this a no-go. 

Just know that there are some interesting customization improvements in GA4 from those changes to make it way more flexible to track to your specific business’ goals.

Do I need to have technical knowledge to use GA4 after the transition?

While GA4 has a different interface and features compared to UA, I’ve designed the transition service to set up the key features and configurations for you.

This should make it easier for you to navigate and use GA4. However, some degree of familiarization will be beneficial. That’s why we’re including a bonus to understanding GA4 – to help you understand and use GA4 effectively.

This service is PERFECT for you if you’re a
content creator or small business owner who:

This is for you if


You’re looking for a stress-free, seamless transition without dealing with the technical aspects of transitioning to GA4


You want to focus on your core business (rather than the whims of Google)


You are worried about messing up your website’s tracking 

This is not for you if


You’re not concerned about your site performance or leads straight from the source of most of your organic traffic


You have the time & knowledge to make it happen in the next few days


You have a large, complex set up using cross-domain activity. This offer is a quick, make-it-happen offer, so let’s chat to cover our bases.


LAST-MINUTE LIFESAVER: UA to GA4 Transition Service

Fast-track Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 transition, right on time